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SOUTH EAST EXCAVATIONS is dedicated to providing;

  • QUALITY product and services, our company promotes strong partnerships with our clients, suppliers and sub-contractors to ensure positive outcomes and customer satisfication. South East Excavations has extensive experience, qualifications and capabilities in providing products and services. We are innovative and can work with our clients on projects to achieve goals with a commitment to cost savings, time efficiencies, sustainability and safe work practices.

  • Work, Health & Safety compliancy with legislation that ensures a safe work environment and practises. South East Excavations has systems to identify, assess and control risks and hazards. Our company monitors and reviews to provide ongoing improvement in workplace health and safety. Up-to-date information, instruction and training is an essential part of our business and we strive to provide consultation and cooperation with our workers to provide a safe workplace.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL compliancy with legislation that promotes environmental management. Our company's Environmental Management System identifies, manages, monitors and reviews environmental risks, with a commitment to waste and energy management to prevent pollution and responsibly minimise and control the removal of vegetation and wastes.

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